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ESCANABA, MI--AUGUST 22, 2014-2:08 A.M.
I'm probably going to shock a lot of you with this blog entry.
You all know that I am not a big fan of many of President Obama's actions and policies. But this whole stink that some are raising about the president being on vacation is rubbing me the wrong way.

First, let me say that every president has gone on vacation. President Bush went to Maine. His son, Bush II, went to the ranch in Texas. President Carter went to Camp David.

The fact that an American journalist was beheaded in the Middle East is horrible, but that wouldn't have changed had the president not been golfing. He came back to Washington to make a statement on the murder, met with his staff, and went back to Martha's Vineyard.

I have no problem with that whatsoever. It does not matter where Obama is physically laying his head at night. He has 100% access to all of his advisers, members of Congress, other world leaders, his military commanders, no matter where he is sitting.

Personally, I want terrorist groups like ISIS to see Obama on the golf course. Maybe those horrible people will stop thinking that they are so important. Lets not give them the satisfaction that they stopped the President of the United State from having a vacation.

I can tell you that for a full week, me, little ol' Jack Hall, was able to broadcast all of the Upper Peninsula's news every day, plus cover a Little League state tournament, from a motel room in Gaylord. With the technology we have nowadays, anything is possible.

I'm just saying....let's disagree with Mr. Obama on policy issues. But don't act so appauled and offended just because the man is on vacation. He can do his job just fine...like I did for that week in Gaylord...no matter where he is. Now, is he doing a good job on this situation? Well....
---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--AUGUST 21, 2014-12:00 A.M.
I have to be awake in five hours to cover the morning news for Susie on Magic 97 and Moose 102.5. I can never get to sleep. I lay in bed, toss and turn, even slamming a beer doesn't help.

It's because I am used to going to bed at 3:00 a.m. and waking up at noon or so. Because I work afternoons and evenings, and sleep during the day! I will give it my best though!

Congratulations to the Escanaba High School girls tennis team for its 6-2 win over Marquette on Wednesday. Nice way to kick off the new season, ladies.

And on a sad note, R.I.P. to journalist Jim Foley. He was murdered by Islamic terrorists yesterday, and the video of his beheading was sent around the world.
At first, I wasn't going to watch it. But I decided to watch it so that I could feel at least a small amount of what he must have went through, and to see for myself what pure evil is.
Make no mistake. This is pure evil, every bit as bad as what the Nazis were doing to people 75 years ago. That is not an exaggeration. This "ISIS" group needs to be defeated, and now!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--AUGUST 19, 2014-12:40 A..M.
Watching the live news coverage from Ferguson, Missouri, is making me sad and a bit angry at the same time.
For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, it's been a week since teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer.

And since then, there have been riots almost every night in that St. Louis suburb. Why? Well, the teenager was black and the officer involved was white. To me, that should be completely irrelevant. But to many of the black folks who live in that town, it does make a difference.

We know that the teenager was seen on camera robbing a party store of a bunch of cigars. The family does not dispute that. Yet they try to hold Brown up as a hero, a victim. Now, it is possible that the officer was trigger-happy and made a mistake. If that's the case, then the officer should be prosecuted. You don't shoot and ask questions later. Especially when the kid has no weapon.

But we don't know the facts of this case yet.
This isn't Law & Order or CSI, where everything is solved in an hour.
But we have people in that town who are demanding that the officer be arrested for murder, and they are riling up other people who are constantly protesting.

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are not making things any better. Instead of saying "wait until the local investigators finish their work", they are sending investigators for possible "civil rights" violations. If the teenager had been white, I submit to you that Obama wouldn't have said a word. And the people of the town wouldn't be so outraged.

Then you have agitators like Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson. They show up at every event in this country where there may have been a black person involved in a confrontation with a white person. And the white person is always automatically guilty in their eyes, and these two also get people riled up. Again, instead of letting the investigation take its course.

Then you have criminals who come in and steal things from Family Dollar and grocery stores (pictured above). And burn down a gas station.
How does that help the teen's family, or get "justice". And even that is assuming that there was an injustice done in this case.

And then there's the media. With CNN and Fox News and others on hand with satellite trucks and national reporters, some people are showing up in this town to get their 15 seconds of fame. Fox's Shepherd Smith this morning wondered out loud during his broadcast if maybe the media just being there is causing this to be even more toxic.

So, every night, we are seeing tear gas and cops in riot gear.We get "protestors" showing up with Molotov Cocktails and guns. When does this all end? Every night, the same thing.

I am not black. I am not a resident of Ferguson, Missouri. So I can't totally understand the dynamics of all of this. But I am tired of seeing these violent things happen every time there is an incident involving people of different races. (Photos are from CBS News, of which WCHT is affiliated)

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--AUGUST 18, 2014-1:34 A.M.
The Upper Peninsula State Fair is in the books for another year.
When it started on Monday with rain showers, organizers may have been thinking "Oh boy!".
But it never rained again throughout the entire Fair Week, and the crowds were good every day I was there.
Lots of money being spent on the overpriced food and drink ($4 for a bottled water, really?). But you know what? We all pay it because it's soooo good!

I continue to be impressed with how the fair is run. It was run this week by an Upper Peninsula-based Authority for a fifth straight year. The Authority contracts with the Delta Commerce Center, and the Chamber manages the event, hires the help, etc.

I believe one main reason for the success of our fair is two-fold.
One: being freed from the regulation and other budrens that existed when the State of Michigan Department of Agriculture ran the event. And two: it is OUR fair. We have an interest in its success.

I have posted a bunch of pictures from my weekend at the Fair on the Local News Page at Radio Results Network.com.

And congratulations to Gladstone teenager Jordan Ives. He won the championship in the 600 CC Microsprnint race Saturday night at the Upper Peninsula International Raceway.
Jordan is used to running late-model stock cars on asphalt, but he "came home" to race on the dirt track before the home crowd. He won the race by more than a half of a lap.
See details of his race at rrnsports.com!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--AUGUST 15, 2014-2:11 A.M.
Governor Rick Snyder spent the day Thursday in Escanaba.

And I tell you this, whether you like him or not politically, you have to admire the man's stamina. I mean, he put in a FULL day, and while it was not heavy lifting like construction work or working in the paper mill, Snyder was at it all day long on Thursday.

I give hm credit. First, it was a breakfast meeting with local business leaders at 8:00 a.m. at the Island Resort and Casino. RRN's Susie Larson represented us as the governor talked about ways U.P. businesses can be competitive in the worldwide marketplace.

When that was done, the governor did several radio interviews over the phone, including one with RRN's Don Curran. He had no idea what the questions would be ahead of time, and answered them without any notes as he rode from Harris to Escanaba.

Then, it was time to attend the Upper Peninsula State Fair. He walked around a bit...that was the easy part.
Then, the governor took part in a ceremony that honored U.P. Veteran of the Year Jim Edberg. Then, it was a ceremony to recognize the fact that the word "Yooper" is being placed in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Then, at noon, Snyder delivered his annual speech to Fairgoers at the Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.
The day continued from there, however. The governor went to the New Page paper mill to see a ribbon-cutting and to tour the new biomass fuel plant there run by Oyma.

Then, at around 4:00, the governor came to the Delta County Historical Society Museum to "resign" legislation that sets up an economic cooperation zone between Marquette and Delta Counties. Then, it was off to a fundraising dinner that was NOT on the public schedule.

No time for relaxing. Constantly on the go. But Snyder still remembered me as the News Guy who usually wears a baseball cap (haha I took mine off today because I was the only one at the event and didn't want to be out of place). A very busy day indeed.

I have dealt with a lot of politicians over the past 19 years in this job. And I feel that Gov. Snyder is pretty much a geninue guy who is kind of 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get'. Whatever his politics are, that's separate. But it seemed to me today that he had more energy that I did!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--AUGUST 14, 2014-12:19 A.M.
I will be broadcasting the news on Magic 97 WGLQ and Moose County 102.5 in the morning. I'm doing that so that Susie Larson can represent us at an Economic Development Roundtable meeting with the governor at the Island Resort and Casino.
She is better than I am at these "meet and greet" events. Susie does good at "mingling" at these kind of things. She will represent us well! And I will read the news throughout the morning.
Hope the news sounds OK because I can never get to sleep beacause I am not used to being up at 6:00 a.m. And don't worry, Susie will be back at the mic Friday morning!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--AUGUST 13.2014-1:13 A.M.
As I keep track of the Jeffersonville Indiana Junior Girls softball team's progress at the World Series out in Washington, I can't help but think that I could be there right now with the Escanaba girls. That Indiana team beat Escanaba in last week's regional title game.

The Indiana team was more polished and had deeper talent than the Escanaba team did. They had gone to Florida to play teams there during travel ball to get ready for All-Stars. The Escanaba girls went to Wisconsin during travel ball, and often froze early in the season!

Yet, both teams were there in Firestone Stadium in Akron Ohio less than one week ago (seems like longer than that). Escanaba would have had to play an almost perfect game to beat Indiana. But it was possible, considering all of the plays the girls made in their other wins at the state tournament and at the regionals in Akron.

I went out to Washington two years ago with the Escanaba girls at the World Series and I regret that I didn't fully enjoy the non-softball stuff.
I hope to get back to another World Series in the future, and given how good the Escanaba and Gladstone softball programs are, I believe I will.
I think most of these current Escanaba 13-14 girls are satisfied with what they accomplished and are now enjoying the U.P. State Fair. The girls were never predicted to win the state championship, let alone make a possible World Series appearance.
If you had told me beforehand that the Junior Girls would win a state title and keep winning at the regionals, but lose in the final, I would have taken it. But it's also a little sad to know that our girls were six runs away from the World Series. I am proud of them though!

By the way, that Indiana team won again at the World Series Tuesday night and is now 2-1 in pool play out there in Washington. Maybe we will see them on ESPN come Saturday.

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--AUGUST 12, 2014-1:12 A.M.
So much for bipartisanship.
State Representative Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) sent out a statement on Monday saying that he is endorsing fellow Democrat Grant Carlson in the 108th state house race against incumbent Ed McBroom (R-Norway).
Normally, one Democrat supporting another would not raise eyebrows. But this endorsement does for me.

Dianda has just spent two weeks full of Town Hall Meetings with McBroom, State Sen. Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba) and State Rep. John Kivela (D-Marquette). All we heard before, during, and after those meetings, was about how wonderful all of the U.P. lawmakers are at working together on behalf of the Upper Peninsula. Regardless of party affiliation.
And indeed, Dianda has voted alongside the other U.P. lawmakers on a number of issues. But now, after sharing a podium with McBroom at six public meetings, McBroom is not good enough for Dianda to vote for? Or at least good enough for him to keep his mouth shut and not endorse anybody?
Ironically, all will be on the same stage chanting "UP Power" on Thursday as the folks from the Miram Dictionary come to the U.P. State Fair to celebrate the inclusion of the word "Yooper" in the dictionary. No one had to invite Dianda, since he had little or nothing to do with it.

But in the spirit of U.P. pride, all U.P. lawmakers were invited. That gathering might be a bit uncomfortable now. It appears to me that Dianda was under pressure from the higher-ups within the Michigan Democratic Party to give Carlson a boost in his effort to unseat McBroom.
I understand the "inside baseball" when it comes to partisan politics in this state. But I thought that the current members of the Upper Peninsula delegation were above all of that. I guess I thought wrong.

One other thing...I will be doing a blog this week kind of looking back at some of the things that happened during my baseball and softball travels this summer. I know I said I would do that yesterday, but I was tired after being at Gladstone's midnight football practice.

Anyway, my travels began with high school baseball and softball in June, and continued with three Little League State Tournaments, an American Legion Baseball state tournament, and a Regional softball tournament in Ohio. I will write about it soon!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--AUGUST 9, 2014-8:33 A.M.
Home again. For the first time in a long time. And this time to stay.

I arrived in Escanaba at about 8:00 last night (Friday night). Kind of road-weary in one way, but also, kind of disappointed that I don't have another city to go to!

I have covered Little League and American Legion state tournaments in Indian River, Boyne City, Gladwin, and New Boston. And the regional for the Escanaba Junior Girls, in Akron Ohio. It had been tiring, but also, a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed the broadcasts!

In my next blog, I will go over a few of my favorite moments of the past few weeks. Thanks everyone for your support and friendship!

---later, Jack

AKRON, OHIO---AUGUST 7, 2014-12:30 A.M.
Well, we sat around for another day here at the Junior Softball Central Regional Tournament in Akron, Ohio.
The team from Indiana won twice, beating the host Ohio team and the team from Illinois that Escanaba beat on Monday. So, now, it's time for the Final Round.

Escanaba's 13-14 year-old girls will play Jeffersonville, Indiana, for the right to go to the World Series in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland.
It will be a tough battle for our girls, but they seem to be upbeat and ready for the challenge. Hope you will tune in for the championship game on Kool 105.5 FM and on-line at www.rrnsports.com, starting at 10:00 a.m.

And as a sneak peak, go to RRNsports.com right now. I have posted the interviews at the motel I did with Maddie Kolich, Maddy Griffin, Chole Caswell, and Claire McInerney. And Coach Vance Hiney. Those interviews will air during our pre-game show at 10:00 a.m., but you can hear them now on the web site www.rrnsports.com.

Hope that everyone in Delta County tunes in and cheers for our girls!

---later, Jack  

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