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ESCANABA, MI--JULY 23, 2014-2:28 A.M.
I want to send my congratulations, and condolences, to Nick Nolde.

He has been hired as the new Athletic Director at the Escanaba High School.
Nick is a 1998 EHS graduate, played under an Eskymo uniform, and has administrative experience at Bark River-Harris High School the last couple of years. But none of that will compare to what the job that he has signed up for will require from him...and from his family.
There are long hours. That is the "condolences" remark!
Things you do during the day as an AD...assigning officials for games, making schedule changes when the weather gets rough, making bus and motel arrangements when Eskymo teams head to tournament play. There's scheduling (and re-scheduling) officials to work games. Dealing with media calls. Dealing with discipline when a kid gets caught drinking, or cutting class.

Then after all of that is done, the AD often has to be there at night when the game is going on. That can take come time, for example, basketball often has three games: freshmen, JV, and varsity. Gymnastics meets rarely get done in less than three hours. Wrestling, too.

I would not do the job of an athletic director for anything...or like my friend Mike Dagenais says..."all the tea in China". And that is a lot! A high school athletic director's job is a thankless one, with some parents and some coaches always sniping at you, it seems.

I have known Nick Nolde since he was a teenager. He is a good friend. And I can tell you that he will work hard at this job. Hopefully, you will all give him a chance and help him.
I am heading downstate again Wednesday night. I will be on the air Thursday morning at 11:15 for the Escanaba Junior Girls state tournament game against Milan. Hope you will tune in on WCHT-AM (600), and on-line at www.rrnsports.com.

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--JULY 22, 2014-1:36 A.M.
Folks, I was so tired when I got back to town Sunday night that I updated RRNSports.com for the Escanaba Senior Girls, and then went to bed. So, no blog update!

Well, tonight, I finally had a night to myself, with no game to broadcast and no sports web site to update. I still did some arranging for the next tournaments to be broadcast, and I had a busy couple of hours posting important news stories on radioresultsnetwork.com.
One of them was a good news story, as a 13-year-old Escanaba girl who went missing for more than 24 hours was found safe and sound Monday night. Hope that she can get the help that she needs, and the family support that she needs to deal with her problems.
I want to give a high five to the Escanaba Senior Girls softball team. Those 15 and 16 year old kids are disappointed that they didn't win the state championship. Just like the Gladstone 11-12 year-old girls the week before. Both lost in the state championship game.
But just think of how many Little Leagues around the country never get to experience a state tournament, let alone being one of the last two teams playing in the Final. Our girls are respected across the state, and indeed, around the Central Regional.

Ron Plum will have coverage of the Escanaba 9-10 girls in their sectional against Ironwood the next couple of nights on WCHT-AM 600 and rrnsports.com. Then on Thursday, I will be downstate again with the Escanaba Junior Girls. Here we go again!
---later, Jack

CANTON, MI--JULY 18, 2014-1:41 A.M.
Well, I am on the road again.
This time with the Escanaba Senior Girls (age 15-16) at the state tournament in New Boston, located about a half-hour outside of Detroit.

I did not do a blog Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I was so tired after broadcasting a great state championship softball game with the Gladstone Major Girls and Freeland, and then driving home. When I got home at 9:00 p.m., I had to go to the radio station and write up all of the news stories for the Thursday morning news.
Then, I went home at about 11 p.m., and updated RRNSports.Com with the information from the girl's loss to Freeland. I got to bed at 1 a.m., and had to be up again at 5 a.m. to go to the radio station to do the live morning show on Magic 97 and Moose 102.5.
When that was over at 9 a.m., I interviewed Bay College President Laura Coleman, and did some more news before going home for a three-hour nap.
Then, it was on the road again at 1:30 p.m. for Detroit. I arrived here at the Holiday Inn in Canton at just after 9:00 p.m., and could finally relax a little bit.
I listened to my Intern Trent Schwalbach do a great job of broadcasting a 14-inning game between the Escanaba Cubs and Gladstone Indians, won by the Indians, 4-3. And I ate some very unhealthy but tasty sliders from the nearby White Castle restaurant!
This "on-the-go" stuff is very tiring, but also, very exciting. So many people at the radio station help to make it happen, and our sponsors give us the cash to do what very few radio stations do for youth sports in this country. Hope you will tune in at noon as the Escanaba girls begin their state tournament!

---later, Jack

GAYLORD, MI---JULY 16, 2014-1:00 A.M.
Well, I am here in Gaylord for another day. Heavy rains flooded the softball fields in Boyne City on Tuesday, forcing the cancellation of the Major Little Leagiue Softball state championship game between Gladstone and Freeland. We will try again Wednesday.

I am starting to think that this is a conspiracy on the part of the Gaylord hotels and other businesses. I mean, it was a couple of years ago that I got stuck here in Gaylord for an extra day when a snowstorm postponed the Escanaba Eskymos hockey team's regional championship game against Traverse City Central. Haha. History repeats itself!

I want to thank the staff at the Gaylord Quality Inn for their accomodations as I have had to not only take care of sports, but also, all of the news for all five of our RRN radio stations. It has been interesting to do all of this from a motel room, and I thank Ron and T.J. and Boston and Dan at the radio station for the logistical work I needed back home to get the job done.
Now, let's go get a state championship, girls! The game is at 3:00 Wednesday and I will be on the air on AM-600 and rrnsports.com. Go Purple!
---later, Jack

GAYLORD, MI--JULY 15, 2014-2:11 A.M.
Very interesting experiment to broadcast the U.P.'s news from a hotel room in Lower Michigan.

I wish the Internet connection were better so I sounded more clear, but I was still able to at least get the news stories to you while also covering the Gladstone Little League softball team's state tournament games here in Lower Michigan.
The state championship game between Gladstone and Freeland is set for 3:00 Tuesday afternoon. Hope you will tune in on AM-600 and rrnsports.com! It will be fun!
---later, Jack

GAYLORD, MI--JULY 14. 2014-1:46 A.M.
It has been a while since I've done a blog entry. Sorry about that. I have been very busy with baseball and softball broadcasts, and doing a lot of traveling to cover these games.

Right now, I am at the Quality Inn in Gaylord. I broadcast the Gladstone Major Girls state tournament games in Boyne City the past two days, and I will be with the girls Monday afternoon at 3:00 in the state semifinals against a talented Rogers City team.
But this is a unique situation. With both Susie Larson and Don Curran gone on vacation, I am the only news broadcaster. But I am also the person who has to cover the state softball tournament down here, because Ron Plum has to work his morning music shift on Kool 105.5 and be the Sports Guy on Magic 97 and Moose 102.5.
Ron has also been broadcasting Little League tournament games in Iron Mountain, Escanaba and Gladstone. He is working hard.
Well, anyway, we also have Mike Daniels on vacation and Jay Fisher on sales calls in Green Bay. So, the radio station is on a skeleton staff to the level that I have never seen before.
And to top it off, Ron has jury duty on Tuesday.

So, I am here in Gaylord, and I am the only person to broadcast the news of the day. And so I am doing it via the Internet, from this motel room. I am sorry if it sounds a little different than what you're used to, but I think it will work out OK. At least, I hope so.

Check out my photos here of a motel room turned into a news room!
---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--JULY 9, 2014-2:06 A.M.
Come on guys! If you picked up some cash on US-2 in Delta County on Tuesday, the sheriff is hoping that you will do the right thing and turn it in to authorities.
And you should. Sheriffs Deputies say that a Minnesota man was driving his motorcycle on US-2 at Highway 13 in Nahma Township when his wallet fell onto the pavement. Some people found the wallet, and some of the cash, and they turned it over to police.
But they also saw other people walk by and scoop up some of the cash, and then leave.
Again, this is not "finders keepers". Police are asking you to return the cash so that they can turn it over to its owner. Think of if you lost that amount of money on a trip, and how you would feel if some honest people gave it to the police to give back to you.
Do the right thing!

---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--JULY 7, 2014-2:39 A.M.
Hope that you all had a great holiday weekend.
Mine was busy with baseball broadcasts, but I also was able to spend some time with my family.
It was long overdue for me, because it seems like I have been constantly "on the go" broadcasting games for a month or so.

Well, that will be picking up again pretty soon because the Little League Baseball and Softball tournaments are in full swing, along with American Legion Baseball games for both the Escanaba Cubs and Gladstone Indians.
There's more than enough to keep me and Ron Plum busy, along with sports interns Trent Schwalbach and Dallas Potvin. The always-changing baseball/softball broadcast schedule for AM-600 is posted at RRNsports.com. I suggest you "refresh" often, though, as brackets keep being redrawn.

On one final note...it was very wet Sunday night in the Escanaba-Gladstone area. Lots of flooded streets from the very heavy rain that fell in three different batches: Sunday morning at around 9:00, Sunday afternoon at about 5:00, and Sunday night at about 7:00.

Lots of moisture. I have posted more photos and video links on the Local News Page at www.radioresultsnetwork.com.

---later, Jack

GLADSTONE, MI--JULY 3, 2014-3:18 A.M.
It was a fun night of Little League Softball at the Gladstone Sports Park Wednesday night.
The 11 and 12 year-old girls from Escanaba and Gladstone met in the district finals, and the Gladstone All-Stars pulled through with a win in extra innings, and then, a decisive 7-0 win the district championship game. It was fun to watch these girls play with such intensity!

I was disappointed, though, to see some of the behind-the-scenes conflicts that happened, not with the kids, but with the adults. The situation was the talk of many at the field, all night long.

This blog is not the place to get into all of that, and I am in no position to take sides.
What I can say is that these girls sure did give us a show. Gabby Salo was firing away on the mound for Escanaba, striking out 24 batters in 12 innings. Nice job by Gladstone's Brittany Schwartz and Mo Letteriello in their pitching as well. Again, this was fun stuff!

Great season, Esky girls. I know many of you will be playing in travel tournaments this summer. It was have been great to be with you girls at the state tournament and beyond! And for the Gladstone girls, well, you ladies never quit after losing that first game. Winning five straight games is something special. Now, it's on to Boyne City for the Purple!
---later, Jack

ESCANABA, MI--JULY 2, 2014-3:11 A.M.
I am not a big soccer fan. To me, watching a game where maybe one goal is scored is boring. I donot understand the concept of "free kicks" and "corner kicks". Why does everyone get excited when someone on the other team gets a "yellow card"? The guy keeps playing!

But on Tuesday, I as literally on the edge of my seat as the United States played Belgium in a World Cup "knock-out" match. Team USA was the heavy underdog.
But goalkeeper Tim Howard (no, not the Red Wings' Jimmy Howard) made a record 16 saves. He had 38 or so shots directed his way during Tuedsay's match.

It was 0-0 and in the final minute, Team USA had a man break in on goal, and he missed. That was a hard one to take, because Belgium scored two goals in overtime to take the lead. That's kind of like giving up two touchdowns if American football went to overtime that way.
Team USA did not give up in the final 15 minutes of overtime. We got a goal from a rookie 19-year-old, and the USA side was dominant in the final minutes, peppering the undefeated Belgium team with scoring chances. In the end, though, our boys lost, 2-1.

This team's unexpected trip out of preliminary play led to many people across the country to rally behind the USA Soccer Team. Perhaps this will lead to that sport's increase in popularity.
Youth soccer is already big in Dickinson County, and the Bayside Soccer League is working hard to promote the sport in Delta County. Let's build on this momentum locally!
---later, Jack

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